In-house processed dried peel of Setoka oranges, along with several types of botanicals, is soaked in undistilled black barley shochu that has been stored and aged for more than 10 years.
In clear gold from dried orange peel. It fills your palate with a juicy marmalade scent, along with accents of slightly spicy stimulus, mild sweetness. A little bitter and intense finish.
Enjoy it straight in a liqueur glass after meals. It also taste superb by stretching with tonic or sparkling water. You can enjoy it even if you stretch it with tonic water or carbonated water. When using it as a cocktail base, adjust the sweetness with bar syrup, etc.

Ishigami Farm
In the 1960s, they started cultivating citrus fruits such as early-maturing Satsuma mandarin oranges and ponkan oranges in accordance with the warm climate of Toi, Kushima City, Miyazaki Prefecture.
Ishigami Farm started grow Setoka oranges in 2007. By adopting the Kelpack farming method since 2012, they have been vigorously improving quality.
Yuji Ishigami, the 3rd owner of Ishigami Farm, and the staff have been producing higher quality fruits, such as Setoka Premium.

Setoka orange from Ishigami Farm
Setoka oranges have very thin skin and smooth surface. Bigger than regular oranges, Setoka grows from 200-500g. They are easily damaged by thorns of fruit trees, and thus require thorough care and skill to be raised properly.
It takes 300 days from flowering to harvesting, and during that time, they create a better environment for growth, preventing sunburn of trees and controlling temperatures in summer.
Setoka oranges have a refreshing yet mellow scent similar to mandarin, and have cleared the strict standards of sugar content (13-14) and acidity (1.0 or less). This brand has been receiving a lot of attention in recent years as a gift.

Setoka citrus sour
  • 45ml orange juice, or other citrus juice
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • Some sparkling water
Setoka espresso tonic
  • 45ml espresso coffee (or black coffee)
  • Some tonic water
  • Sliced orange
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