Kindred spirits.
Shochu should always be easy to drink.
Since our founding in 1928, we express our shochu with a refined elegance that is serene and gentle to the palate.
Our signature craft is about whispered aroma that neither overstates confidence nor commands attention.
Shoro Shuzo is an artisanal shochu brewery nestled in Kushima City, the southernmost part of the Miyazaki Prefecture well known to the world for its beef.
The birth brewery of Miyazaki yeast
Our Secret.
Indigenous to Shoro Shuzo, “Miyazaki Yeast” was extracted from moromi (unrefined sake mash) through a filtration process allegedly in 1950s.
Miyazaki yeast has the unique property of fermenting under the most acidic environment of moromi, and yet preserves the flavors of various types of other ingredients.
As originators of Miyazaki yeast, we proudly continue to experiment new ways to maximize the properties of this yeast with modern technology.
In recent years, while honoring traditional shochu brewery methods, we are introducing new ingredients such as new potato varieties and “koji (malted rice)” along with Miyazaki Yeast.
Time capsule for the ages.
At Shoro Shuzo, we patiently age all of our shochu for more than 3 years.
With proper aging conditions in tightly controlled environments, our shochu matures into its signatured elegant taste.
Shoro Only then can we fulfill our promise to introduce our aged liquor to the world.
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